Some of my projects as temporary export manager.


Playgrounds and Street Furniture “Pozza 1865 Srl”

I acted as export manager of the company and, together with the owner, identified the markets and developed the export project. We found and established relationships with distributors in Germany, Belgium, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

The company has grown from an export share of less than 10% up to 50%.

I worked on this project as temporary export manager; half a day a week in the company and “on call” the rest of the time (with the Arab countries even on Sundays!), either by phone or through a dedicated company e-mail address. Of course, during this time I also participated in trade fairs and was present in the company during foreign clients’ visits. The project lasted four years.

If you, or your company, can use these skills, too, write me.



Polyurethane Foaming Machines “Europoliuretani Srl”

I analysed the market dynamics, studied the competition and chose the countries on which to focus our efforts. I subsequently acted as temporary export manager, identifying and contacting a number of distributors and agents in these markets by telephone. Some of them came to visit the company, followed by a visit by us to them.

We found interested distributors in Poland and Austria with which the company began to collaborate.

In this case, too, I was constantly available, either by telephone or through a company e-mail address. I was joined in this project by one of my international collaborators who resides in Poland and who carried out the analysis of the local market as well as making initial contact with the selected clients. Upon our visit to Poland he also escorted the company to visit the distributors we identified. The project lasted, in total, about 30 days; spread out over the course of a year.

If you, or your company, can use these skills, too, write me.



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I collaborate with FarExport, a branch set up by the Industrial Associations of Vicenza and with the branch Explora Mercati by Assindustria Venetocentro Imprenditori Padova and Treviso.

Currently I am a member of “Leading Network” (Temporary Manager for enterprise) because I believe in constant updates with regards to new professional trends.


Export in 7 steps. Guide for small businesses who want to sell abroad.

The future of small and micro Italian enterprises is in exports. But to achieve significant results, we need a method. This guide, specifically made for small enterprises, is developed according to simple principles and tested by more than fifty companies. Learning to export successfully can be the result of a process to be carried out in seven steps, with the awareness that in small enterprises the resources are always limited and initial mistakes cannot be made.

Export Management

This book is a guide to set up the best possible internationalization strategy of a small/medium enterprise in the most reliable way. Business owners, managers and professionals will find practical advice, case studies and ideas on how to correctly approach foreign markets, taking advantage of the competition and avoidance in making the most common mistakes. I was co-author of the book.

Teamleader Partnership

When you develop new markets, you also need to manage the many contacts you find. As an alternative to Excel files – on which to record data and activities carried out – you can use CRM (Customer Relationship Management). I tried many and I chose Teamleader. From this program – in cloud – you can manage your contacts from a single dashboard and optimize the sales process.