Pier Paolo Galbusera.
Temporary export management projects and consulting with the aim of finding new business opportunities abroad and increasing exports.

Pier Paolo Galbusera

My name is Pier Paolo Galbusera and I am a temporary export sales manager.
I offer consulting and collaborations to small or medium-sized companies to find new business opportunities abroad, thanks to a select international network.

I have a Business degree from the Bocconi University (1983) and a specialisation in business strategy. I speak English and German and am familiar with the European, North American and Far East markets.
My experience is based on past positions as a manager, a sales-marketing director and a businessman but also – and especially – as a trusted, reliable professional.

Manager, sales-marketing director and entrepreneur.




Thanks to my network of specially-selected international collaborators I develop market analyses; analyse competitors; identify business opportunities and find new clients, agents or distributors to increase exports.

I also help companies present themselves effectively; participate in trade fairs and maintain contact with foreign operators who have timeframes, cultures and customs different from our own.

I work as a consultant or as a “part-time” temporary export manager ( for example, half a day a week in the company and “on call” the other days via phone or e-mail ). You can write me at info@progetticommerciali.com or call me at +39 347 0878022 to set up an appointment.


All this through plain language and with special attention given to the dynamics that already exist within the companies. I always suggest a “made-to-measure” investment on the basis of the agreed objectives and results, without unnecessary waste.


For companies seeking to stand out from the competition and increase exports, I propose a five-step method::

  • assessment of competitive dynamics in the selected markets and analyses of the competitors
  • selection of target markets
  • identification of strengths and weaknesses
  • identifying possible export strategies
  • search of potential customers, distributors and agents.

At the end of this consulting phase I either pass the baton to the company or begin my work as a temporary export manager.