In collaboration with FarExport – a service of Vicenza’s industrial association – I have just completed a consultancy on the subject of digital export issues. A medium-sized company in the province of Vicenza that produces high-end timber furnishing accessories was receiving many requests from the Gulf area. They called us to draw up a complete picture of these markets’ potential, identify possible customers and have a more structured approach.


These are the digital tools used – to which we subscribe – and the information obtained:

  • Thanks to the Statista and Export Planning platforms, we have collected data on the importing/exporting of our product and the development prospects in the residential construction sector. We have also used other open access platforms such as: CIA-World Factbook, Coeweb Istat and Comtrade. All this has led us to identify the United Arab Emirates and, above all, Saudi Arabia as priority markets, expected to grow strongly.
  • Still using Statista – but also our contacts in the area – we have identified that the social media platforms that give greater visibility are Linkedin and Instagram.
  • Using the Matchplat Explore and Kompass easybusiness platforms, we obtained a list of around 1,500 architectural firms; our main contacts in the two target markets.
  • Thanks again to Matchplat Explore and to Sales Navigator – Linkedin – we have identified the name and surname of the senior architects in these studios.
  • Finally, we moved on to the operational phase by making initial contact using both Linkedin and traditional e-mail-marketing (with the platform it is possible to identify e-mails already present on the net).


We know how important it is to seize the opportunities that present themselves from time to time in various parts of the world. I have been collaborating with the FarExport desk for more than eight years and I can assure you that the services offered are of the highest level. With the digital tools in our possession today, we not only offer the possibility of identifying the most attractive areas for the various types of products, but we also get to find the name and surname of potential customers in the various markets. As with the case just described above.

The international turmoil that is, unfortunately, the order of the day lately, makes it increasingly necessary to carry out a check-up of our position on international markets. As we prepare the economic and financial balance sheet every year, we should also get into the habit of carrying out this commercial check-up. Today there are the tools to do this with just over a week’s worth of work.

If you want to learn more, I have just published the book 8 Digital Tools for SMEs: A Manual for Improving Export Strategies, written jointly with my colleague Claudia Zarabara and published by EGEA.

Pier Paolo Galbusera