This January, 2024, I achieved the milestone of 14 years assisting small and medium-sized Italian enterprises (SMEs) in their expansion into international markets.

I carry out this activity with a dual role:

  • Consultant: I work alongside entrepreneurs and sales teams, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise.
  • Interim export manager: When SMEs require direct support in export operations, I step in as an export manager. Not full-time, but in a part-time capacity (today it’s also called fractional).

I’ve had the privilege of assisting 70 companies across various sectors, including mechanics, components, furnishings, glass, construction materials, and more. Here are some testimonials from the entrepreneurs I’ve collaborated with: References.


Here are the skills I can offer to SMEs:

  1. Finding New Markets: In situations where a significant market experiences a drastic decline, my ability to identify new markets becomes crucial. The same holds true when a company takes its first steps and wants to understand the most important markets for its products.
  2. Customer, Distributor and Agent Research: I leverage my experience and digital tools I use (such as Matchplat) to identify new opportunities for doing business abroad. My ability to identify potential customers, distributors, and agents is a fundamental resource.
  3. Strategies for Effective Initial Contact: There’s never a second chance to make a good first impression. Convinced of this, I have developed best practices to pique the interest of potential clients from the outset (for example, by effectively utilizing LinkedIn/Sales Navigator). SMEs have the advantage of being flexible and can therefore personalize their approach.
  4. Proven Work Method: Over the years, I have developed a work method that I shared in my book “Export in 7 Steps,” published in 2018. This approach is important because companies often operate without a clear strategy.
  5. Digital Export: Since the COVID period onwards, I have delved into the use of digital tools. I have shared these skills in the book “8 Digital Tools for SMEs.” This knowledge translates into tangible advantages for SMEs in today’s increasingly digital world.


In addition to the 2 published books you can find information on my way of working:

  • On my Website
  • In my Blog: every month – for 14 years – I share experiences and advice on the export topic
  • In my YouTube channel: you can find my interviews
  • In my Linkedin profile: you can find my professional path
  • In my Slideshare channel: you can find my speeches at various conferences.


With 14 years of continuous dedication to the strengthening of Italian SMEs, I am the trusted guide for companies looking for a space on the international scene. My experience as a consultant and temporary export manager makes me a reliable partner for SMEs aiming to develop and/or improve their exports.

Contact me today for an introductory meeting and to get some initial useful advice. I’ll gladly come and visit you without any obligation or cost… besides the coffee.  😉

Happy 2024 and good luck!

Pier Paolo Galbusera