The book I wrote and published with the Guerini Next publishing house can be purchased as of September 7th from either specialized brick-and-mortar shops or the main online bookstores.

This guide is mainly aimed at small and micro businesses. The abbreviation SME usually stands for small and medium-sized companies: I believe that in the Italian landscape it is more accurate to talk about small and micro enterprises. Micro enterprises (i.e. companies with fewer than ten employees and with an annual turnover less than or equal to two million Euros) and small businesses (those with less than fifty employees and an annual turnover of ten million Euros or less) represent, according to the Italian National Institute of Statistics (Istat), 95% of the country’s total number of production entities, employing approximately 7.8 million people (47% against the European average of 29%). A very important share indeed.

Most of the existing books that deal with these issues, however, tend to do so with an approach that, in my opinion, is too academic and not very practical for small and micro businesses. In the book I do not speak of payment methods, return policies or other technical subjects because they are topics that have already been widely dealt with in other books; and in any case they are topics on which the various local business organizations can give assistance. Instead, I talk about how to identify the most suitable markets for our products and how to get to the crucial phase of the sale.

A different approach is needed for small businesses than that used in large companies. You do not need specialists but people who are used to working in multiple roles and, above all, who are able to always have an overview of the company so as to avoid rejection and failure. The entrepreneur, on the other hand, should be able to understand when it becomes necessary to acquire new expertise – finally convincing himself that he must not only invest in machinery but also in know-how.

This book fits exactly into this perspective.

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