Unfortunately, we are seeing the cancellation of trade fairs again. And even if 2021 was a good year for many industrial sectors there is still a sense of disorientation in the markets. Here are 6 tips for facing 2022 with the right approach:

1. We must analyze our market, trying to understand the trends. Just as we prepare our income statement and balance sheet every year, we should also get into the habit of taking stock of what has changed in our market scenario.

2. Let’s not focus on short-term goals; try taking a broader view. Concentrating on the annual sales target is typical; that’s okay, but it’s not enough. In other words, we must do a “check-up” of our strategy. What changes has the market analysis highlighted? Is my strategy still relevant in light of these changes? Today there is also a new tool to do this strategy check-up: Export Best Practice.

3. List the real reasons why customers want to buy from us. In other words, we must try to understand the value we bring to our customers. Often, we focus only on the product and the price. These are just two of the elements that weigh in the decision to purchase goods. Regarding this, I’d like to point out the video: Managing the Elements of Value.

4. We plan a change in our products and/or processes to make our contribution to the rising ecological awareness that is spreading in business. While we may not be sensitive to these issues, we must keep in mind that there will be many politically-backed economic measures that will give us access to important financial contributions on this issue. Ask for information from the various trade associations.

5. Explore the changes we can implement in the digital environment. Covid has greatly accelerated trends in this area. The explosion of e-commerce is just the tip of the iceberg. Let us not delude ourselves into thinking that once this pandemic is over everything will return to the way it was before. I refer you to my full speech at the Venicepromex conference.

6. Finally, more and more attention must be given to our collaborators. The shortage of raw materials and components will probably soon pass. But the difficulty that many companies are already encountering in finding qualified personnel will unfortunately be a trend that is destined to last. Involvement, attention to the quality of the working environment, etc. There are many areas on which we will have to work on to assure we always have a competent, motivated and efficient team!

Pier Paolo Galbusera